The Continuous Improvement in Care – Cancer (CIC Cancer) Project is a new program of research that will consider what is important to cancer patients in order to directly improve the lives of those diagnosed with cancer. This collaborative research, involves several universities, health services, and consumer groups.


The aim of the CIC Cancer project is to improve cancer care by measuring the outcomes that matter to patients with lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, and ovarian cancer and identify innovative and cost efficient activities and research needed to improve care.


The project will contribute to value based healthcare (VBHC) the goal of which is to improve patient health outcomes while reducing the overall cost of healthcare.

Patient information

If you are undergoing investigation or receiving a diagnosis for one of five cancers you may be invited to participate in the study. 

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health professionals

Consumers, clinicians, health services and researchers will work together to measure outcomes important to patients, identify any issues with their care, trial new ways to improve treatment and put proven care into practice.

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The work of the CIC Cancer project will inform practice change and research programs.

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This work was carried out with the support of the Grant provided by the Cancer Research Trust