The CIC Cancer Project is a staged implementation, longitudinal, prospective research project that will use a data capture and analysis model to measure value-based outcomes in four common cancers (breast, colorectal, lung and prostate) using validated ICHOM methodology and a less common, poor outlook cancer (ovarian) that will require the development of an appropriate set of tools. The validated ICHOM Standard Sets will be actualised via a web-based information and communication technology research infrastructure. A user-friendly, consumer-centred, cancer management support tool will be implemented to collect/extract/integrate data, enabling real-time, secure sharing of health information with healthcare providers, and empower patients and other stakeholders to actively participate in the evaluation of treatment effectiveness and care options.

The data captured will be analysed to identify/categorise gaps, variations and successes in the system. Based on this information, feedback will be provided to individual services on a regular basis and the research team will support the services through research and development programs to address these gaps and implement improved clinical practice. This project will also deliver several unique capacity-building strengths by auditing the appropriateness of existing information infrastructure to deliver the ICHOM Standard Sets implementation and application.

It is intended that the CIC Cancer project will provide:

  • determination of the utility of the ICHOM datasets in WA health care settings;
  • evaluation of the appropriateness of the ICHOM datasets in capturing key data related to patient outcomes;
  • improved understanding of the cost-effectiveness of care: and
  • informed practice change and research programs aimed at continuous improvement of patient outcomes.
2018-05-23 Project Map.png